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     Director of Communication & Technology

Clear Organization | Conway PA 15027 | dorothy@clearorganization.biz  | 412-913-9191 

Dorothy L. Clear, CPO®
 Certified Professional Organizer,
         Author, and Speaker
Clear Organization is committed to helping clients with the storage and organization of belongings in their homes, businesses and lives.  

Home organization can make it more enjoyable for you to spend time in your space. When everything has its place in your business, you will be more productive.

We also specialize in helping clients who want to recover from accumulated clutter which often results from grief due to a significant personal loss, life transitions or physical impairment.

Clear Organization offers non-judgmental, empathetic approaches to organizing, downsizing and storage of your treasures.
You’ve taken the first step to restore order and joy to your life!
Getting Started

We start with a FREE client phone consultation to discuss your organization needs. Most projects also require that we schedule an in-person assessment (usually takes about an hour). 

Next, we plan the project together and estimate a completion time. Once we’re in agreement on your home organization project(s), Clear Organization will schedule blocks of time to help you accomplish your storage and organization goals.

Depending on the project, you could purchase a prepaid package or the work will be completed on an hourly basis. See Service Hours and Fees on our Services page.

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