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Creating Grab & Go Bags for Family and Business

by Dorothy L. Clear, CPO on 06/19/19

One of the easiest ways to be organized is to plan ahead. Creating grab and go bags for your family life and your professional life will save you time on the run. This is even more important if you have multiple children who are involved in different activities, or you sit on more than one committee.  

Let’s talk about family first…because family does come first! Instead of packing and unpacking the same backpack or duffle bag for every activity you or your child(ren) attend, create a bag for each individual yoga, karate, or dance class. Made the bag visually different to jog your memory. You could also use fabric paint, puffy paint, or a colored Sharpie to label names on the bags.  

In my family it has always been baseball. In addition to the child’s baseball gear you need a tote, basket or wagon for you and the rest of the family. It doesn’t always have to be a bag!

When you sit outside in the spring it can be sunny at the start of a game but cool by the end of the game. You may need sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a camp chair or padded seat for bleachers, a light jacket, and snacks and toys to occupy the younger kids with you. Keeping all these items all in one place so you can grab and go several evenings a week can be a life saver.

Depending on your family’s favorite activities you can create grab and go bags for different activities, i.e. drive-in movie bag, swim or beach bag, playground bag, picnics, hiking…you get the idea. This can also work for PTA, Scouts, Church small groups, or book club.

Now let’s talk business. At one point early in my career, I was attending three different meetings each month, and at two of these meetings I held a board of director’s position. I created a grab and go bag for each organization with whatever I needed for the meeting: handbook, binder, notepad, pen, highlighter, etc. This saved me time from packing and unpacking the bags each month and putting the stuff away just to have to pack the bag again the next month. These bags sat in a designated spot in a fabric bin under the counter in my home office. Each of the bags were distinctly different, so visually I knew which bag to grab for each meeting.

This system will also help you reduce stress in your already hectic life. Especially on those days when one of the kids is having a meltdown, or you find yourself running five minutes behind schedule for your work day. Invest the time now while you have, it to create these bags, in preparation for the days when you find your time is at a minimum.

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