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Death to the Plastic Shower Rings!

by Dorothy L. Clear, CPO on 09/04/16

I found the perfect shower curtain! It's the first new one I have bought since we moved into our house six years ago. I have looked in a number of stores over the years, but I was looking for one that would be white with some shade of purple in the print.  The one I finally found at Boscov's is off white with a taupe, gray and lavender dandelion print.

Now, when I get something new for the house I want to put it into use right away, or reasonably within a few days. But I keep putting off hanging the new shower curtain.

Then, I realized I needed new shower hooks because the old ones were gold and would not match. I use a shower liner too. And, I was still using old inexpensive plastic clip- together shower rod rings for the liner. I've always dreaded changing the shower liner because of those stupid things. They are an absolute pain to juggle. But, I never thought of replacing them on the liner. This task was the cause of my procrastination.  I don't use the word hate very often; unlike one of my children who likes to throw that term around as often as there are pitches in a ball game. But I hate the clip together rings!plastic shower rings that clip together.

So, I went in search of new shower hooks for the new shower curtain. What I found made me just as happy as the beautiful new shower curtain I had bought! Brilliantly designed, perfect for my needs, easy to use. How did I live my entire life without these combination shower/liner hooks? My life changed for the better with a $7 purchase. They are silver, have ball bearing for easy gliding, and are double hooks to hold the curtain on one hook and the liner on the other hook. Never again will I have to struggle changing the liner!!!





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