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     Director of Communication & Technology

Before starting Clear Organization, I spent 23 years in the corporate world. The last job I had was eliminated due to a corporate restructuring in December 2010. I wondered at the age of 49 what my future would hold. In the back of my mind I struggled with two issues: What do I want to be when I grow up? And the dream of owning my own business was still nagging me … but what could I do? Was this my last chance to do something on my own?

While meditating and praying on these issues, I enjoyed life. I bought a bigger motorcycle. I went skydiving for the first time. I spent time with my grandson. That following summer of 2011, a friend asked me to help her declutter her house. That was it! I found my passion.

Clear Organization is a natural extension of my passion for organizing and coaching. Helping my working parents by doing chores, cleaning up after myself, and returning items promptly to their proper “home” taught me the importance of keeping things organized at a young age.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Robert Morris University. My corporate life included positions in human resources, safety, workers' compensation and administration. Organization, time management and customer service were essential skills in these positions.

​The Clear Organization Story
Professional Organizer Code of Ethics
Clear Organization promises to follow the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) 
Code of Ethics in all business practices. 


•  National Association of Professional Organizers
•  Institute for Challenging Disorganization
•  ServiceMaster Clean
•  Beaver County Collaborative Action Network.

•  National Associate of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
    Pittsburgh Chapter – Director of Marketing 2012-2014, Secretary 
   2014-2015, and President 2015-2017, Director of Professional
   Development 2017, Director of Communication & Technology 2018
•  NAPO 5 year Golden Circle member
•  Beaver County Chamber of Commerce

I firmly believe that my work experience, instilled work ethic and my love of organizing make me uniquely qualified to help you restore order and restore joy. I look forward to helping you with your storage and organization challenges!

~ Dorothy